Have you ever looked in the mirror and what you saw didn’t match your expectations? Perhaps you look older or more tired than you feel. Maybe you’ve changed your lifestyle and dropped a significant amount of weight and now look droopy. Or you have been dieting and exercising, but there is stubborn fat that won’t budge. Plastic surgery can correct or improve appearances in a way that is not possible with diet, exercise, or beauty creams. Here’s how to know it’s time for plastic surgery.

1. You have small or non-existent breasts

Breasts that are too small for your body can create an imbalanced look. Breast augmentation is perfect for adding fullness and roundness. There are several types of implants available – silicone, saline, and “gummy bear”. They are more natural in appearance than you may think.

Some women have a condition called micromastia. This is when breast tissue never really developed, resulting in a very flat chest. Breast augmentation can help a woman with this condition finally experience a balanced, feminine figure.

2. You have sagging breasts

Gravity tugging on your breasts for your entire life inevitably leads to sagging. And if you have ever had a baby and nursed, you know that your breasts change and droop. Sagging breasts can lead to neck and back pain. A breast lift reverses the effects of gravity by placing the breasts higher on the chest and restoring roundness.

No amount of exercise can change how your breasts hang. A breast lift is the only way to permanently fix sagging breasts. Some women opt to have breast implants placed at the same time as their breast lift surgery.

3. You have uncomfortably large breasts

Large breasts lead to back, neck, and shoulder pain. Wearing bras that offer enough support caused uncomfortable dents in the shoulders from the straps digging in. Women with large breasts often have rashes underneath them. Exercising presents challenges and finding clothing that fits is a hassle.

A breast reduction involves removing excess breast tissue, lifting the breast, and repositioning the nipples. This leads to a feminine and symmetrical appearance with breasts that are proportionate and lighter. Many insurance companies cover the cost of breast reductions.

4. You lost a lot of weight

Losing a lot of weight is an impressive feat. Unfortunately, it can leave your skin and breasts sagging and dropping. No amount of continued exercise and dieting can remove the extra skin. Surgery like a breast lift, arm lift, lower body lift, or tummy tuck may be required to tighten the skin. You may be able to have several types of surgery at once if you need it.

5. Your body has changed after pregnancy

Pregnancy changes a woman’s body. This is especially true for multiple pregnancies. At the end of the journey, you may be left with sagging breasts, flappy stomach tissue, and stretched abdominal muscles. A Mommy Makeover is a type of plastic surgery that combines two or more procedures to restore your body to its pre-pregnancy appearance. For example, a tummy tuck that tightens separated muscles and removes extra skin can be combined with a breast lift. In the end, you have perkier breasts and a flatter, smoother stomach with improved muscle strength.

6. Gravity is taking its toll

Regardless of your gender, gravity will start to take its toll over time. This can lead to sagging facial features, flappy “chicken wings”, and dropping stomachs and thighs. Exercise does little to improve skin sagging, especially on the face. Surgery to lift, tighten, and remove excess skin can make you look years younger. This can be achieved through a facelift, arm lift, tummy tuck, or lower body lift.

7. You look tired or angry all the time

Gravity, loss of skin elasticity with age, and weight loss can lead your facial skin to droop and hang. This can make your eyes appear tired or give you the look of having a permanent frown. A facelift can correct sagging jowls and downturned mouth. Eyelid surgery keeps you looking well-rested and younger.

8. You have “man boobs”

Men with excessive breast tissue that does not disappear with diet and exercise may have a condition known as gynecomastia. It is also known as having “man boobs”. Surgery to treat this involves either liposuction to remove fat or a breast reduction to remove extra breast tissue. Men who have gynecomastia may have decreased self-esteem and lack confidence in their appearance. Surgery can quickly and effectively give them the more masculine look they desire.

If any one of the above signs fits you – take action today! Schedule your complimentary consultation to get started.