Pectoral Implants

A toned, defined chest is masculine and strong. For some men, working out doesn’t help. Their chests remain undefined and small, no matter how much they exercise, making them feel uncomfortable and self-conscious about their appearance.

Pectoral implants in Barrington by Dr. Madry helps you increase the size of your pectoral muscles, giving you a more contoured appearance. You can look younger and stronger in a few weeks with a safe surgery.

Pectoral implants enhance and tone the chest, allowing men to achieve a well-defined and bulky chest. During the procedure, a solid silicone implant is placed under the chest muscle. You can have a more muscular appearing chest in a few weeks after a safe surgery.

If you crave a stronger, more toned appearance, call to schedule a pectoral implant consultation today.

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Pectoral Implants Before & After Photos

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