Breast Augmentation + Lift

When was the last time you stepped out of the shower and saw full, perky breasts in the mirror?

Weight fluctuation, having children, and aging can affect skin elasticity and change breast volume, causing breasts to deflate and sag. These changes can leave you feeling upset about your appearance and self-conscious, in and out of clothes.

Breast augmentation and lift in Barrington by Dr. Madry return lift to your breasts and increase breast volume. You can look younger and perkier in a few weeks after a quick, safe surgery.

A breast lift creates a fuller, more youthful breast shape, while an augmentation enhances breast volume and creates a more balanced, proportionate appearance. It is safe to combine the procedures, and having a breast lift and an augmentation at the same time results in less scarring and removal of skin.

If you’re ready for a younger, more feminine appearance, call to schedule a free breast augmentation and lift consultation today.

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Breast Augmentation and Lift Before & After Photos

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