Choosing to have plastic surgery, for cosmetic or medical reasons, can be a big decision. Not only do you need to select the right procedure, you need to find the best surgeon. The right plastic surgeon will help you achieve your desired outcomes, whereas the wrong one can lead to additional surgeries, stress, and trauma.

Whether you’re looking for a minor procedure or a major cosmetic surgery, the right plastic surgeon should be skilled and have the experience to provide a safe and aesthetically pleasing outcome.

Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon: What to Look For

1. Look for a Board-Certified Surgeon

When looking for a plastic surgeon, finding someone with board certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery is essential. When a surgeon is board certified, they have undergone at least six years of surgical training, with two to three of those years dedicated to plastic surgery. Board-certified surgeons must pass both an oral and written exam to ensure their skill and competency. Doing your homework before choosing a plastic surgeon can mean the difference between getting the desired results versus being unsatisfied with your appearance or experiencing surgical complications.

2. Ensure The Operating Facility is Accredited

Just as important as ensuring your chosen plastic surgeon is board-certified is ensuring the surgical facility or office where your surgery is to be performed is accredited. Accreditation ensures the facility has met strict standards for proper equipment, safety, and staffing. Choosing an accredited facility ensures you will receive the utmost care, respect, and dignity while undergoing your procedure.

3. Consider the Surgeon’s Experience and Expertise

When it comes to surgical procedures, experience and expertise matters. When looking for a plastic surgeon, consider how long the plastic surgeon has been practicing, as more years of experience can mean improved skill. Another reason expertise and experience matter when choosing a plastic surgeon is that surgical procedures come with risks, and an experienced surgeon can help prevent and reduce the impact of surgical complications.

During your initial consultation with your surgeon, ask how many years they have been practicing, how many times they have performed the procedure you want to have done, and if they have any before and after photos you can see before agreeing to undergo your surgical procedure.

4. Your Surgeon Should Make You Feel Comfortable and At Ease

The relationship between you and your plastic surgeon should feel like a partnership. You should feel comfortable with your surgeon’s personality and skill so that if a complication arises, you will feel confident in your ability to handle the unexpected.

Partner with an Experienced Plastic Surgeon

If you’re looking for a competent, accredited, and personable plastic surgeon, it’s time to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Madry. With over 30 years of experience, he can guide you through your cosmetic or reconstruction surgery journey and provide the best possible outcomes.

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