Latissimus Flap

Latissimus flap breast reconstruction uses muscle and tissue from the upper back to reconstruct the breast. An implant may be used during this procedure to ensure that the reconstructed breast is symmetrical. This results in a natural-looking breast. Some scaring on will occur on the back, but can usually be hidden in the patient’s bra line.

After a Latissimus Flap reconstruction, the patient will have a hospital stay and resume daily activity within two to three weeks.

Tissue Flap Surgery

A Latissimus Flap breast reconstruction is one type of tissue flap surgery. During other types of flap surgery, tissue from the abdomen, upper hip, or buttocks is used instead of tissue from the upper back. The reconstructed breast can be made from the tissue or from the tissue and an implant.

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Latissimus Flap Before & After Photos

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