Author: Alanna Madry

Mind and body harmony is an equilibrium crucial to achieving optimal wellness. Breast reduction surgery is a common, safe, and manageable procedure that is proven to maximize both mental and physical wellbeing. With approximately 90,000 women receiving breast reductions each year, and a patient satisfaction rate of upwards of 95%, the procedure is routine while simultaneously life-changing.

When researching the procedure, most information that appears does not portray the entire story of what breast reductions accomplish. Breast reductions are a reconstructive surgery that target the psychological and physical pain that accompanies large breasts by resizing them to be more proportional to the patient’s body. The reduction in breast mass provides immense relief to women in boundless ways, a point of view important to remember when discussing reconstructive surgery. Many insurance companies are an example of the degraded version of what breast reductions accomplish. Rather than emphasizing the holistic benefits, they often look to check off boxes in patients: back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, macromastia, which are all coded through an ICD 10 book of symptoms. In this manner, breast reductions are often treated as a numbers game- where patients have to qualify for a breast reduction by a body mass index table that, per weight and height, a certain amount of tissue must be removed from each breast.

We understand that breast reduction surgery is much more than a patient profile presented to insurance companies. We choose to push back against the idea of degrading overall benefits into simple codes, because breast reductions far exceed simply the alleviation of back, shoulder, neck pain. It additionally allows a woman to envision herself in the way that she dreams of. Beyond relieving pain, breast reduction surgery allows a person to be who they want to be. Documentation in plastic surgery literature shows that on average women lose an additional 15 pounds after breast reduction. This is an easily quantifiable beneficial result of the surgery, however there are so many more less visible benefits as well.

At their psychological core, breast reductions allow women to finally live life to its fullest. The procedure provides emotional liberation from the burdens of oversized breasts, in turn boosting self-confidence and self-image. The common phrase “look good, feel good,” holds true when it comes to breast reduction surgery. Patients are able to wear whatever they would like, do what they please, and feel an overall weight lifted from their chests (in more ways than one).

If you are ready to experience the transformative impact of a breast reduction, don’t delay – schedule a free consultation appointment today!