Thousands of people receive plastic surgical procedures each year. Your first consultation with a plastic surgeon should set the stage for a satisfying experience and outstanding results. The following points will help you with your initial consultation.

Define your goals

By far the most important aspect of the consultation is the identification of your goals. A plastic surgeon can help define what procedures and treatments are available, but the patient should be able to also define what they are unhappy with. A plastic surgeon will rarely entertain the question “what would you do to me?” without knowing what you are looking for. Honesty with your specific goals will allow the surgeon to offer treatments that will offer you the look you desire.

Learn about options

Once the goal has been clearly defined, the surgeon can explain what your treatment options are and the expected results for each type of procedure.

This will be the longest portion of the consultation. Some areas of plastic surgery can be complex and require a significant amount of time to explain the potential treatment plans, expected results, and risks. You will know when you have found the right surgeon when you feel comfortable asking questions and that you have truly learned something from the conversation.

It is common to require two office visits to understand your options, the procedure details, and expected results and risks. You should also feel comfortable asking the surgeon about their certification and experience.

Be informed prior to any plastic surgical procedure with a detailed consultation. We offer a full spectrum of treatment options – surgical and non-surgical to meet your goals. For more information or to arrange a consultation, please call Dr. Madry’s Office at 847-382-9902.