Thinking of breast surgery and not sure if you should go with a breast augmentation, lift, or combination? The answer to that question is determined by your appearance goals.

During her life, a woman’s body goes through many changes. This is especially true during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Breasts can lose their perkiness and start to sag. Changes to the breast don’t only affect women with large breasts; small-breasted women can also experience unflattering changes that cause the breasts to look deflated or droopy, known as breast ptosis.

How do you decide which procedures are needed to get back your youthful breasts? There are three factors that will influence your decision: nipple position, breast volume, and desired breast size. Consider these three things before you make your decision.

Are You Happy with Your:

Nipple Position?

Do your nipples point downward? Do they sit below the breast crease? You may be a good candidate for a breast lift. When the breast tissue sags or the breast loses volume, the nipple can change position, stretch, or become larger. As the breasts lose volume, they become heavier in the lower pole. This can lead to the nipple sagging, too.

A breast lift raises breast tissue while repositioning the nipple to a higher, more youthful position on the breast. If needed, the nipple can be reshaped during a breast lift, too.

Breast Volume?

Breast volume is the roundness or fullness of the breast. Weight loss can leave the breasts looking flat or too small. Aging or pregnancy and breastfeeding can cause the breasts to get larger very quickly — and then deflate.

If you’re unhappy with your breast volume, breast augmentation surgery may be right for you. A breast implant can restore volume to the breast, giving you a youthful, proportionate appearance.

Breast Size?

If you want to change your breast size or correct asymmetrical breasts, breast augmentation may be right for you. Breast augmentation surgery is the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure. In 2018, over 300,000 breast augmentations were performed. There are many reasons why women want to change their breast size.

Want to Improve All Three?

A lift and augmentation combine the best of both procedures. A breast lift creates more youthful and full breasts, while an augmentation enhances breast volume. Having both procedures at the same time results in less scarring and removal of skin.

Ready to get the breasts and body you’ve always dreamed of? Still not sure which procedure will help you meet your goals? Schedule a free breast surgery consultation today.

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