Is the cold winter weather making you dream about hot summer days by the pool or on the beach? In those daydreams, you look great in your bikini. Ready to make those dreams a reality? Read on to find out why winter is the best time to have plastic surgery.

1. Lots of Time to Recover

Beautiful summer weather gives you the chance to show off your amazing new body. Whether the pool or the beach is your destination, plastic surgery can help you achieve your appearance goals so that you look great in your swimsuit. Are you opting for body contouring or breast surgery? Getting your procedure in the winter allows you plenty of time to recover.

Some procedures require more recovery time than others. It can take up to six months to see your final results. If you want to show off your new look next summer, you need to plan ahead. Having your procedure in spring might not give you enough time to be fully recovered before you’re pool- or beach-bound. Scheduling your surgery in the winter will give you enough time to recover and look your best by summer.

2. It’s Easier to Avoid the Sun

Post-surgery sun exposure is not a good idea. The UV rays from the sun can disrupt the healing of your incision. After surgery, you’ll be advised to avoid direct sun exposure for many weeks. With colder temperatures keeping you indoors, it’s easier to avoid the sun during the winter. If you spend time outside during an unseasonably warm day or an especially sunny one, make sure to wear sunscreen to maintain your results and prevent sun damage.

3. Winter Clothes Hide Evidence of Procedures

All surgeries result in incisions, stitches, swelling, and bruising, which are obvious signs you had a procedure. During winter, it’s much easier to hide them under winter wear like bulky sweaters, scarves, and hats. If you have to wear compression garments, they can be hidden under winter clothing, and the cooler temperatures make wearing compression garments much more comfortable.

4. Summer is Coming

Weddings, vacations, and reunions. Your summer is packed with fun events that are great opportunities to show off your new look. Make sure you’re ready to look your best by meeting with your plastic surgeon now. While most people can head back to work and other activities three weeks after their procedure, it takes longer for the full results. Scheduling your procedure during the winter will allow your body time to deal with swelling, bruising, and other effects before you head out for summer fun.

Plan Ahead and Contact Us Today

If you’re going to have plastic surgery this winter, start planning ahead now. Get the process started by scheduling a free consultation today.