A breast cancer diagnosis is challenging and full of uncertainty. After a mastectomy, you may find yourself overwhelmed all over again with what seems like endless mastectomy reconstructive options.

Mastectomy reconstruction should not cause you any more undue stress, so here is everything you should know about mastectomy reconstruction so you can get back to feeling your best and living your life.

What is Mastectomy Reconstruction?

Mastectomy reconstruction is a highly individualized process, and the surgical procedure can vary from woman to woman. The ultimate goal of mastectomy reconstruction is to restore the appearance of the breasts so that you can feel comfortable and confident. Your treatment plan for reconstruction can vary depending on your overall health, your cancer treatment plan, and your personal preferences and goals. Your plastic surgeon will work closely with you to ensure that you receive the results you are hoping for.

Types of Mastectomy Reconstructions

  • Implant-based Reconstruction: Some women choose to undergo breast reconstruction using breast implants. These can include options like gel, silicone, or saline implants. Breast implants are used to recreate the shape of the breasts after the natural breast tissue has been removed.
  • Autologous Tissue Reconstruction: This technique is also called a flap reconstruction and uses the woman’s own tissue to reconstruct the breasts. Tissue is taken from a donor site, like the abdomen or back, and then transferred to the chest to create a new breast. Flap reconstruction can provide a more natural-looking and feeling breast but is a more complex procedure that requires some additional healing time.
  • Combination Reconstruction: This procedure involves a combination of both the above reconstructive methods. A combined reconstruction offers the benefits of both procedures to achieve the desired result.

When is Mastectomy Reconstruction Performed?

Mastectomy reconstruction is highly personal and completely individualized, so the timing of the procedure can depend on your personal circumstances. Some women will undergo an immediate reconstruction of the breasts at the time of their mastectomy.

Others may delay reconstruction to allow time to heal or complete other treatments prior to their reconstruction surgery.

Emotional Considerations

Although breast reconstruction can help restore a sense of self-esteem and improve body image, going through this journey can have a great emotional impact. It is entirely normal to feel overwhelmed or emotional regarding your breast reconstruction, and some women can struggle with the changes in their bodies.

Maintaining a strong support system with family, friends, and your healthcare team is the key to your success and recovery. If you are struggling with your breast diagnosis and reconstruction, it may be helpful to speak with friends or family or even consider participating in a support group with other women who have undergone breast reconstruction.

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You should feel confident and comfortable in your body, especially after having fought breast cancer! Getting answers to your questions about breast reconstruction and learning about which reconstructive options would be best for you is the first step.

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