Breast Reduction (Red. Mammoplasty)
There is no happier patient in medicine than a breast reduction patient. A breast reduction is truly a reconstructive operation. Breast tissue and fat is not just scooped out of the breast leaving an envelope of skin. Skin, fat, and breast tissue is removed and the nipple is repositioned in a higher position. It is very rare to actually remove and replace the nipple. Generally the nipple is left attached to the breast tissue that is then pushed up from under the breast to a new and higher position. Scars are hidden around the areola and under the breast. There are multiple techniques to reduce the breast. The type of technique and result are determined by the size of the breast and the amount of droop.
The goal of a reduction operation is to reconstruct the breast to the ideal shape. This is defined as the nipple and the breast being above the inframammary fold (the bottom of the breast where the under wire of a bra rests).
I work hard to obtain insurance approval for this procedure. Insurance companies will require a letter of pre-approval. This means that they require a letter from me explaining why the patient needs a reduction mammoplasty. Each insurance company has a set of criteria that the patient must meet in order to obtain approval for the procedure. The criteria vary between the insurance companies. The insurance companies offer the operation to alleviate back, shoulder and neck pain. But they will also want documentation of rashes, shoulder notching and a guarantee to remove a celiain amount of tissue from each breast.
The amount of tissue required is based on the patient's height and weight. Some insurance companies require documentation of failure of conservative therapy. This means that the patient has seen a physical therapist for their pain.
The hardest part of this operation is receiving insurance approval. The operation usually is less than two hours and is done as an outpatient procedure. Most patients return to work within one week.
Breast Reduction (Reduction Mammoplasty)
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