Get the Arms You Want with These Cosmetic Procedures

As you get older, you might notice that the upper arms are harder to tone with just exercise.
There are several contributing factors that can account for this change in your look, including loss of skin elasticity, decreased muscle mass, and slowing metabolism. These are all effects that come along with the aging process, so it is hard to fight them without the help of cosmetic surgery. When it comes to sculpting the arms, there are two procedures that you might consider to see the results you desire:

• Liposuction is an ideal procedure to address isolated areas of stubborn fat. It can provide a more pleasing contour to the shape of the upper arm while leaving minimal scarring behind. An added benefit of liposuction is that fat will not return to the area that was treated. You should continue to exercise and eat right so that you don't gain weight in other areas of the body, but the arms will remain toned and slender.

• One result that liposuction cannot provide is the tightening of loose skin that may sag when the arms are raised. If you have excess skin on the upper arm, an arm lift will be more appropriate for you than liposuction. This procedure does leave a scar on the underside of the arm, but it will fade significantly over time. Both excess fat and skin are removed during the arm lift, so the result is shapely arms that you will want to show off in a tank top this summer.
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Procedures by Stephen Madry, M.D.
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